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Fresh and frozen goat milk available for pet or hobby use!  Perfect for feeding puppies, piglets, or kittens, and the chickens love it, too!  $5 per gallon with purchase of 3 gallons or more.  Farm pickup required!
Farm Fresh Eggs for Sale!  $3.00/dozen!

Raw Milk Shares are here!  $20/mo for half-gallon/week, and $40/mo for a gallon a week!
(Effective 6/22/2016 - we still have milk shares available.  Contact us for more information!

Nigerian Dwarf stud service is available on a selective basis with strict requirements.  Due to the health risks involved in bringing outside animals onto the farm, the following health requirements must be met with no exceptions:

1)  All does must have a negative CAE/CL/Johnes test dated within 30 days of breeding.  (The date on CAE tests can be stretched if you can show that you've tested your whole herd within the last 6-12 months, but CL and Johnes tests must be current). Tests must be drawn by a licensed veterinarian and must include the tattoo number of the doe.  If the doe is not tattooed, state law requires that a scrapies ID tag be affixed to the doe's ear, and the test results must reference the scrapies ID number.  For the health of our herd, no exceptions to this policy will be made.  Tattoo numbers/scrapies ID numbers will be verified when the doe arrives for breeding.

2)  Does can be boarded on the farm at our discretion.  If your goat has horns, please plan on bringing her for breeding, then taking her right back home.  We learned the hard way that horns get stuck in fences way too often. For those that will be boarded, the fee is $2/day on top of the breeding fee.  You'll need to provide enough grain/hay to last during the boarding period. If your doe is in milk, the fee is $3 a day.  We do not have the facilities to save the milk for you, so it will be dumped after each milking.

3)  Standard breeding fees are as follows:  $50 per doe if you do NOT need a service memo to register the kids.  If you DO plan to register the kids, the fee is $75/doe payable when the doe arrives on the farm to be bred.  If your doe doesn't settle, you are welcome to bring her back and try again.  If the doe has not settled after three breedings, additional fees may apply.

4)  At this time, only one buck is available for stud service.  Exceptions may be made on rare occasions at our discretion, but plan on your doe being bred to Elmwood Sunflower's Pepper Jack unless prior arrangements have been made.  His picture and pedigree are posted on the buck page.  Please also be aware that if we agree to let you breed to another buck, the breeding fee may be higher.

5)  All animals will be inspected before they are introduced to the buck.  Any sick animals or animals who have evidence of CL abscesses will not be allowed onto the property, even with a clean CL test. 
I sing because I'm happy!  I sing because I'm free!  His eye is on the sparrow; and I know He watches me. - Hymn by  CD Martin
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